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Where the world’s tango events meet


Points of Tango

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Have you ever felt like... ? 

  • Eager to travel the globe for tango events, but missing out on some amazing ones?

  • Planning to go to great festivals, but delay organising all the details?

  • Finding out about great marathons after they've unfolded?

  • Losing track of updated info and giving up on some events?

  • Trouble hanging out with some friends at events?

  • Missing on afterparties because of last-minute changes?

  • Wish you've pre-ordered some shoes to pick at the festival?

  • Trouble comparing when and where all workshops are?

Points of Tango 


the Answer !

ONE unique platform
now brings together…Everything / Everyone


Get access to the world !

- All tango events in just one place: Festivals; Marathons; Encuentros; Milongas; Practicas; Classes

- Access to different features based your profile.

- Control the events you organise, attend, promote or work for. 

- E-Tickets allow smooth access and help to verify there are no duplicated nor falsified tickets.

- Receive notifications if changes occurred in an event you are attending or interested in.

- Browse across tango shops, get your shoes & clothes, then pick them up at the event.

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Release plan

Phase 8 (May/2024) - Private Classes booking

Phase 7 (Feb/2024) - Booking milongas and classes in Europe (Paris, Rome, Berlin mainly).

Phase 6 (Jan/2024) - Products purchases, available from stores catalogues

Phase 5 (Nov/2023) - Booking milongas and classes in UK.

Released - International Event Bookings/Registrations.

Released - Profile Pages (DJs, Professionals, Musicians,  Orchestras and Taxi Dancers), create and share your profile and your international tours.

Released - Tango Stores, upload or explore clothing and foot wear catalogues.

Released - Tango International and Local Events (UK, France, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Rome)


Tango events are disconnected. We want to gather all of them – with ease and fun.

 - Every year, over 3,000 tango events unfold across the world. However, these are not linked on a common platform. Dancers miss out on events & organisers miss out on dancers.

- Every week, every local community hosts hundreds of classes, milongas, practicas and special events, but they are not always shown in a simple, organised and centralised way.

- Dancers have trouble discovering events outside their social network. Organisers capitalise on loyal milongueros, limited online exposure & word-of-mouth awareness. They miss the opportunity to connect with a larger community.

- Dancers are keen to discover local tango events and communities while travelling, but it's hard to find out tango activities, seeking across the Internet different and incomplete directories. On top of this, each community has its own directory.

- Dancers give up on events they have difficulty tracing. Organisers announce and update events across various incomplete directories. This leads to outdated information and miscommunication, confusing and losing attendees.

A multi-functional macro-perspective

  • All events synchronized & updated in one unique timetable.

  • All your favourites events, registrations, e-tickets in one unique platform.

  • Get rewarded for attending events. Archive an objective by attending local and international events and earn tickets/vouchers for other events, even in different local communities.

  • Look at all tango activities happening in every local community; take a class & go out dancing everywhere you go.

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