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About Us

Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira

Beautiful and charming, Fernando and Ariadna are well-known to all. With their graceful and light-hearted performances they are a joy to watch. Smooth, stylish, precise – they bring their beautiful energy and their immaculate technique to each of their performances and to the class as one of crowd’s favourite teachers – methodical and patient

Daniel Gini & Eleonora Micozzi

Daniel and Eleonora have deepen their tango technique in Buenos Aires where they used to live before opening the school in London. They share the love for tango in all its declinations, from teaching to organising milongas. Their aim is to transmit their knowledge and passion about tango to their students, to help the tango community to grow and to enjoy the dance and the tango culture.

Ariel Varnerín

He began his artistic journey working in tango shows and forming the duo of singers "Fuertes-Varnerin” and the renowned “Victoria Orchestra”. Passing through various guitar groups, quartets, quintets and sextets, he defined his artistic career as a singer of a typical tango orchestra. From there he became the singer of
"Tango Bardo" and "Orquesta Villa Crespo".

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A platform dedicated exclusively to tango. 

You will find concerts, classes, exhibitions, theatre shows, movies, documentaries, everything regarding our genre.


The UK Argentine Tango Association is the support association for Argentine Tango within the UK. It provides a strong voice for Argentine Tango and supports the growth of Argentine Tango as an art form in the UK.  Its aims are to provide and share information to members and to help enhance and strengthen the UK Argentine Tango community. The Association represents the interests of Argentine Tango teachers, organisers, DJs, musicians, and dancers throughout the country.



Style, Elegance, Comfort. Designed for Tango. Made for you.

GIROS is an Argentine brand, based in Buenos Aires. Developed to dress the dance of all the milongueras in the world with elegance and functionality through sophisticated garments. 

yuyo brujo

Yuyo Brujo is a brand of tango shoes for men and women best known for their original designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Comfortable and stable, their shoes are made in Spain con el corazón and worn by social and professional dancers around the world.


The Magazine of and for the Tango with a look towards the future with a strong base in its roots.

A different approach, a new proposal.

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Born in Buenos Aires as a passenger transport company linked to tango, Tango Pick-up today is also equipped with different types of services so
that visitors can meet their needs from the first moment.


School based in Buenos Aires and London, formed by a group of professional dancers, specialists of the body, from different artistic backgrounds, all sharing the study and teaching of Tango as a dance and expression of human connection.



Daniel Gini - United Kingdom


Marcos Celentano - Argentina

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