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Manage your business

With us, you are in charge

Once you register your business at Points of Tango, you will have full access to manage it. That means you can load the information and update it whenever you need it. 

When you register your event, you can amend every detail of it and send notifications to other participants whether you believe they must be up to date with the changes. Imagine your event is already taking place, you have to amend the program due to a last-minute unforeseen, but you do not know how to make everyone aware of it on time. Or, what about waiting long hours for page admins to modify the data for you? Points of Tango is the answer! With us, you have full control of your event and our full support.

Are you a shop owner? Register your store and take your sales to another level! Allow people to know where are you going to be. Let them check your catalogue beforehand and even buy your products before arriving at an event. If that happens, all you have to do is meet them there when collecting their purchase.

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